How To set-up Virtual Background for Online Meetings?

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Covid-19 Pandemic outbreak made everyone stay indoor, which has lead to meet everyone through online. Now Everyone works from home, schooling from home, all need internet connection and perfect good looking background environment for Online Video Meetings. One major problem will face is back ground display, of things in disorder and Messy. you may think of Moving inside your house for a good background and at the same time noise free zone, hard to find such place so only way now How to coverup your background during online Meetings?

How To set-up Virtual Background for Online Meetings

Here aim to help you to set-up virtual background images for Online Meetings that brings up home office backgrounds environment. Most of you will be using these platform for online Meetings they are Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

How To Set-up Virtual Background in Zoom?

  • In Search bar type in Zoom and open the app and key in your account details to host your meeting or join the meeting.
  • On Right side you find gear icon click on it and then to Settings.
  • On left side of screen, will see Menu, click Virtual Background.
  • Now Select one of Zoom’s default background images or click on +(plus) icon to upload your own Pictures. check this zoom picture library
  • During a Zoom meeting, click to Choose Virtual Background and change the background image of your choice.

Drawback of Zoom app: Zoom Virtual Background works only on high Model of Processors. Check these processor Model are in computer

Zoom System requirement

How To Set-up Virtual Background in Cisco WebEx?

  • In Search bar type in Cisco WebEx and open the app and login into your account to host your meeting or join the meeting.
  • Before Joining the meeting you will get My Preview Window, on to right side a option to change virtual background, choose virtual background images, of your like and then join the meeting.
  • A option is available to change the background of image while you have already in your self view window, click on video option then change the virtual background images of your choice.

Draw Back in Cisco WebEx : It works only in the Computers that have hardware configuration as shown below.

Cisco WebEx Virtual background system requirement

How To Set-up Virtual Background in Microsoft Teams Meeting?

  • In search bar type Microsoft Teams and open the app, login into account and join the meeting, When you are in a Microsoft Teams Meeting, click on t (…) three dots then on settings bar.
  • Select “show background effects”
  • From the list of images, choose the virtual background images.
  • Now you can preview or select apply to enable your chosen virtual background image as background.
  • For custom images, you need to copy the images to this location %APPDATA%MicrosoftTeamsBackgrounds

Draw Back in Microsoft Teams Meeting : This works only in the PC’s that have configuration models mentions in above image.

How To Set-up Virtual Background in Google Meet?

  • Open web link of click on new meeting, then option to choose create a meeting for later, start an instant meeting, schedule in Google calendar
  • Once you in google meeting you will see in upper right β€œβ€’β€’β€’β€ visual indicator, microphone mute button, video button, the backgrounds button on the lower right.
  • To very top right, the vertical 3-dot click on it then settings > Change background

Conclusion : All these Four Applications work well and can set-up Virtual Background for Online Meetings very easily. But this works on high end Processor Models. this is very disappointing to users who do have those kind of computers. There are some work around solution to overcome this system requirement but difficult to follow those steps.

how to download webex in laptop?

Download Webex from the official website of cisco or when you have invite for a meeting if you open up the link, it prompts to download the app and can install it once and further through app you can connect to meetings

How to download and install Webex in Mobile Phone?

In the app store of IOS or Android , choose the store based in your Phone OS and type in the search panel β€œCisco WebEx Meetings” Download and install the App. Meeting join steps are same as your desktop.

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