VMware workstation Could not detect which operating system in the disc image

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A newer version of VMware workstation 8 has been released with a feature to support only 64 bit processor.The Physical machine or host Machine should have 64 bit processor for VMware workstation 8 .You can download the free version of VMware workstation 8.0 The new windows 8 operating system is supported on VMware workstation 8 and work  fine.

Download the Free version Windows 8 ISO images  for 32 bit  or 64bit

VMware workstation Could not detect which operating system in the disc image

Installing windows 8 on VMware workstation

  1. Install the VMware workstation 8 software on your PC. The installation is very simple, keep clicking on next button with default settings.
  2. Launch the VMware workstation 8 player and then select to create a new virtual machine
  3. When you  choose the Windows8  ISO image, an error occurs,
vmware workstation 8
 Could not detect which operating system in the disc image
Windows 8 not listed in VMware

For windows 8 32 bit select the version windows 7
For windows 8 64bit select  the version windows 7 (x64)

Now for our demo we are using Windows 7 (X64)  to build windows 8 (64 bit) OS

Specify the name of the Virtual machine and then browse where you need to keep the Virtual Machine  files

Specify the hard disk size for new Window 8 OS , Here two options you can store the virtual disk as a single file

Split the virtual disk into multiple files
We are choosing to first option to store the virtual disk a single file

Windows 8  virtual disk on Vmware

Click next and  complete the installation
Below image shows the complete configuration details of VM machine

Windows 8-VMware configuration Details

Power on the Windows 8 Virtual machine. Installation steps are very similar to Windows 7.

Complete the Installation of Windows 8, a new Metro User Interface screen appears, with your user account name display.

In Windows 8 the screen resolution is automatically adjusted and new Metro UI displays as shown

Windows 8  Desktop screen is Graphical Interface, with more robust  display.

Windows 8 Release Preview - Metro User Interface Screen


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